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If in the unlikely event that you experience an issue with your floor and you feel it is not related to the installation, please do the following:

1. Inspect the floor personally before contacting us.
2. Fill out the form below, and if you have questions email

3. Take pictures of the problem floor and E-mail to
4. Labor Estimate is to be submitted along with the form and pictures (labor rates on pg. 2).
5. You will promptly contacted by one of our own representatives.
6. INSPECTION: If further investigation is required to determine, the cause, problem and solution for the floor, an independent inspector will be used. The cost of the inspection shall be paid by the (1) Buyer if no product defect is found; (2) by the Supplier, if a product defect is found.

Please be aware that when filing a manufacture claim allow up to 120 days or processing and final resolution.

Type of Sub Floor:

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What is NOT Covered under Warranty


1. Defective product installed. It is the installer/owner responsibility to check boards before install.

2. Damage due to scratches, gouges, scuffs, punctures, cuts, indentations, burns, accidents, lack of proper furniture rests, such as chair pads, etc., rolling and/or non-foot traffic, or any intentional misuse of the product. Loss of finish gloss over time is consistent with normal wear & tear and is not a product flaw.

3. Damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse, abuse, or man made disasters.

4. Damage made by casters, appliances, and furniture (see maintenance guidelines).

5. Damaged caused by sharp objects, tape, adhesive, or burns.

6. Damaged area must be more than 5% waste factor of the square feet or boards of the overall surface in question.

7. Damaged caused by NON-APPROVED cleaning products or methods such as : wax, wood polish, alkaline products, any abrasives, wet or steam mopping, or conditions arising from hydrostatic pressure.

8. Damage caused by termites, fire, flooding, and other natural disasters.

9. Consequential Damage: Losses, damages or expenses relating to anything other than the floor itself are not covered. For example, personal damages/costs that may arise while pursuing a quality issues, such as missed time from work, hotel stays, storage fees, kennel costs for pets, etc. are not covered. Further, costs relating to the removal of defective flooring or installation of replacement flooring are not covered under warranty.Countertops, cabinets, built-in appliances or other fixtures should not be installed on top of your floor and the costs of the removal or replacement of these items is not covered.

10. Gloss reduction or surface scratches are not considered surface wear. Dull finish can be corrected with spot or overall re-coating care systems. The wear must be greater than 10% of the total area of the installed floor.

11. Warranty does not cover any defects unless the square footage of the such defective flooring exceeds 10% waster factor of the total square footage of the purchased flooring.

12. Noncompliance with installation instructions and maintenance. Should an individual piece be doubtful as to appearance or dimension the installer should not use this piece.

13. Product warping, buckling, cupping related to any water related occurrence.

14. Fading or color change due to UV rays from natural sunlight (see care and maintenance  guidelines).

15. Deficiencies related to sub-floor/floor joist assemblies, sub-floor preparation materials, and fasteners including, but not limited to, uneven sub-floor surfaces, floor deflection, or voids in the sub-floor.

16. Noises such as squeaking, popping, crackling, etc. associated with sub-floor movement.

17. Floor covering installed in inappropriate locations is excluded from this warranty or product sold through unauthorized dealers.


What IS Covered under Warranty


1. Defective boards found before installation.

2. Structural integrity of boards including de-lamination.

3. Wear thru of finish repair if any defective planks beyond standard 5% waste factor of total      surface is in question.

4. Floors that were installed correctly by a licensed contractor will be eligible for labor cost reimbursement up to $1.50 per square foot of the installed area. If the floor was installed incorrectly by a non-licensed installer, we assume no responsibility for any labor costs associated with such repairs or replacement.

5. Claims received during the warranty period and no later than six (6) months after the problem appears.


The manufacture has the right to either replace boards, replace floor, or any other reasonable application to fix flooring issue. The total floor will not be replaced unless Manufacturer, Independent Inspector, or more than 5% of the square footage or planks of the floor is affected. Warranty is held by Manufacturer and Manufacturer has the right on choosing the procedure of the taking care of the claim.If the total floor is replaced without Manufacturer consent, it is done at your own risk. Please follow Claim Process steps and procedures to resolve this in the most amicable manner.

Thanks for submitting!

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