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Silent Silver is a premium foam underlayment which firmly supports all brands of floating floors. This impact and vibration dampening underlayment features a unique sound absorption system resulting in a noise barrier that will virtually last a life-time. With Silent Silver you are covered by a 50 year warranty.

  • Thermal Insulator7 

  • Closed Cell Membrane

  • Water Resistant Foam

  • Sound proof. Water Resistant. Shock Absorber


Sound rating:

STC= Sound Transmission Class

  • STC 73db

IIC= Impact Insulation Class

  • IIC 72lb


Silent Silver is perfect for soundproofing floors in noisy in homes, buildings, especially in multiple story dwellings, condominiums, townhouses, hotels and apartments.


Silent Silver is scientifically designed, tested and developed:

  • Self Seal System for easy installation

  • Added in Vapor Barrier

  • Excellent Shock Absorber

  • Condo & Apartment Approved

  • Radiant Heat Approved

  • Warranted Under all Flooring Brands


Coverage: 100 sq. ft. rolls

For more information visit:

Silent Silver
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